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"Sarah has a rare combination of skills that make it possible for her to serve as both coach and leader to people at all levels of an organization.  I give her the highest marks and feel any organization with which she collaborates is fortunate."

"GELL has given me an opportunity to be self-aware about what I do and why I do it. It has given me things to think about that I otherwise wouldn't have, which has in turn helped give me direction and focus."

"Just talk with Sarah. You'll get it. Talking with Sarah makes you alive. You feeling You puts Sarah into her flow."

“Sarah is plugging into important macro trends and twisting them in a unique way that leverages her very rich first hand experience and expertise.”

"Sarah is thoughtful, dedicated, and passionate. She possess a unique ability to cultivate a deep sense of community, trust, and cooperation among individuals, while keeping strong focus on what needs to get done. She is truly one of a kind, and an unparalleled addition to any team."

"Sarah is is pure flow whenever she is leading a group or hosting an event where people are engaged and coming alive." 

“After only one session, I felt more motivated and directed in my work. Sarah Hinawi is a creative and engaging facilitator." 

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