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"Any organization Sarah collaborates with is fortunate.

Experienced leader, facilitator, strategist and advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for human potential. Proven experience with program design and replication, national strategy and scaling, education, adult learning and personal competency. Impact and outcome orientation to facilitate self-directed leadership and foster systemic change that transforms workplaces, motivates workers and builds leaders.


Things I've Started

Purpl is an incubator for people to build lives they're passionate about. Our mission is to advocate and design for self-direction and engagament. With a facilitated shared workspace, curated professional development and inspiring live music. . . 
GELL is a curricular program designed to help independent professionals flourish and organizations foster engagement, thriving and retention.  If you are interested in joining or launching a GELL group, learn more here.

Things I've Built

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Interactive program content for SXSWEdu's program guide for the and sessions to foster transfer of learning and impact for 2017-2019 conferences reaching more than 30,000 attendees

Head of Learning for EXP, designing powerful interactions and learning environment for the first industry conference for pioneers of the experiential industry

Modernized Learning Plan for Stanford in New York, incorporating new world competencies into internship learning outcomes for Ivy League students during NY-based semesters

CollegeEd program for The College Board; college and career planning curriculum program and training materials implemented with more than 850,000 students in schools, districts and afterschool programs in all 50 states.

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