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  • Self-Led: Competencies for Navigating the New World of Work
  • Bringing Self to Work: Tying Personal Learnings to Practical Outcomes for Organizations and Individuals
  • Motivating Work: How to maximize your core motivators in any work situation
  • Reinventing College Readiness: What it really takes to matriculate
  • Preparing Students for the Gig Economy
  • Self Led: Supporting Entrepreneurial Leadership for Founders

"Sarah is pure flow.

Sarah provides keynotes, lectures, workshops and panel presentations on education, being Self-Led, leadership development, employee engagement, culture building, independent work and more. Sample topics include:

Speaking Engagements


March 2019


March 2019


June 13-14, 2018 

Napa Valley, California

InBIA 32nd Annual Conference

April 21-25, 2018 

Dallas, Texas

TEDxLA Salon
March 29, 2018

Los Angeles, California


Austin, Texas 

March 5-8, 2018

Millenium Campus Convention

Rabat Morrocco

November 17, 2017

TED: The Future You

April 2017

Vancouver, British Columbia



January 12, 2017

Greenwich Public Schools

June 2017

The Gig Economy

TED Talk on what it takes to succeed in the new and future world of work


SXSWEdu talk on how schools and teachers can better prepare students for today's world

The Workplace

TEDxLA talk on the 3 S's of Sustainability for Workplaces

If you would like to book Sarah for a speaking engagement, you can contact her here.
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